Green Reminders:

Paper: Purchase 100% Post Consumer Waste paper, print on both sides, reuse discarded paper for printing notes and directions.
Water: Use cold water instead of hot for laundry and dishwashers and make sure the machines are full before running.
Power: Unplug equipment and switch off or hibernate your computer screen when you leave the office..
Efficiency: Lower the temperature on your water heater to 120, and wrap the heater in an insulated blanket. Clean the filters in your dryer and a/c units regularly.

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Change a bulb, change the planet.  When you replace two regular bulbs with compact fluorescents you'll save 324 lbs of CO2!

Understand the size of your carbon footprint AND help offset it by helping to fund clean energy projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions:

Read about what companies are doing to practice sustainability:

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